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    Colombian redtail boa (Boa c. constrictor)

    Colombia- similarly to Venezuela -is an enormous country with diverse geographical regions. As in Venezuela, both Boa c. constrictor and Boa c. imperator occur in Colombia. The latter is native to the Pacific side of the Andes, while the nominative form is found in the Amazonian region.

    Specimen found near Apaporis river, few hundred km North from Letitia (Boa c. constrictor). Photo: Dr. Ian Stephan

    Colombian Boa c. imperator is very well known among reptile keepers, they are one of the most common snakes in captivity. However, we have no information if there is any Boa c. constrictor from Colombia in private collections. This does not mean that Boa c. constrictor doesn't occur in Colombia, of course. Without proper field studies on those Boa c. constrictor populations in Colombia, we can rely on few wild taken photos and field reports.

    Another specimen found near Apaporis river, few hundred km North from Letitia (Boa c. constrictor). Photo: Dr. Ian Stephan

    We have also seen pictures- we can not publish here due to copyrights -which are indicating Boa c. constrictor and Boa c. imperator are not separated perfectly by the Andes, thus transitional forms between these two does also occur in the wild.

    Notice that true Letitia boas looks much like Peruvian redail boas

    British herpetologyst Ian Stephan described the diversity of Colombian boa populations in one of his publications and also mentioned transitional forms existing.

    Another picture taken in Letitia, Colombia. Photo: Ceosaredictators.

    I consider important to clear up the "Letitia boa" matter. Boas labeled as such are actually Boa c. imperator from Norteast Colombia. Labeling those animals as "Letitia boa" is incorrect and misleading, because true Letitia boas are Boa c. constrictor, not Boa c. imperator. Exported Colombian boas are all Boa c. imperator and may leave the country through Letitia, which does not mean they acutally come from Letita.

    True Letitia boas- as one can see in the pictures -are very similar to boas known as Peruvian redtails (Boa c. constrictor) by most boa keepers.

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