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    Guyanan redtail boa (Boa c. constrictor)

    Guyanan redtail boas- just like their Suriname relatives- are very popular among boa fans, primary for they attractive appearance.

    Guyana exports lot of reptiles year by year, providing reptile keepers. Unfortunately, these wild caught and farmbred specimens usually arrive in poor health condition to the new owners. Most of them will die within a few weeks.

    Experienced keepers are often arguing what the difference between Guyanan and Suriname redtails is and how to distinguish them, if they can be distinguished at all. Although some of these two localities have clearly visible difference, both of them have specimens that are visually indentical in appearance to the other. This is not surprising at all, since Guyana and Suriname are tightly connected in geographical regard. In our opinion, origin of these animals can not be judged with 100% certainity without proper documents.

    Keeping WC Guyanan boas is pretty difficult. Juveniles often tend to regurgitate, thus only moderate prey items should be used, leaving plenty of time between each feeding. Babies are developing slowly, even with proper feeding. They reach their maturity only by their age 4-5, maybe 6 years.

    Youngsters are significantly different in appearance from their parents. In their first 2 years, they are gray colored with redtails. By their 3-4 years, they become pinkish red or cream colored animals with shining red markings on tail. According to observations, in some populations dark colored specimens can also be found that look similar to Ecuadorian black-bellied boas. Specimens having stripes or reverse stripes on the dorsum are also known.

    In general, they will not reach 2,5 m (more than 8 ft), though some of them could become a 3,6 m (13 ft) long giant specimen.

    Guyanan redtail boas show close resemblance to their Suriname relatives. Photo: Gus Rentfro

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