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    El Salvadoran boa (Boa c. imperator)

    El Salvadoran boas are typical Central American looking Boa c. imperator. They are small, slender bodied snakes that can barely reach 1,6m (5,5 ft).

    Their primary colors- as with most imperator -are greyish brown with as high number of saddles as 25 or above. Area of tail is seemingly homogenic dark brown, maybe blackish brown.

    Ancestors of this locality currently kept in Europe were imported from El Salvador in the late 90ies. Since than, they have been bred several times, though they are not common in collections.

    Due to their moderate size, easy handle, low price they are excellent pets for most beginners.

    Farmbred boas in El Salvador. Photo: Stefan Broghammer (H + E Stoeckl),

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