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Honduran boa (Boa c. imperator)

Honduran boas kept in captivity are Honduran boas kept in captivity are typical dwarfish mainland Boa c. imperator. Females can barely reach 1,7m (5,5 ft) in length, the average is smaller, 1,5m (5 ft) long. According to our observations, these boas are the slowest growers among mainland boas. However, we have been informed on wild caught specimens as long as 3 meters (10 ft), therefore we think that dwarfish size is only typical of some bloodlines, but certainly not all of mainland boas from Honduras.

Ventral surface is usually heavily dotted. Some specimens also have a red hue on the side of their body.
Their temperament is often shy, still they can be handled easily and without any problems. Captive specimens origin from two major bloodlines in Europe; the more common Klaus Bonny bloodline and Oliver Klode 's bloodline which is harder to obtain.

Honduran boas are attractive snakes with moderate size.

Since Honduras has banned to export boas, keepers have a great responsibility in conservating this locality.
Honduran boas are easy to keep and breed, they are realtively cheap, so we strongly reccommend them for beginners, who are looking for their first boas. Due to their small size, they are also suitable for keepers with limited space.

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