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Nicaraguan boa (Boa c. imperator)

Nicaraguan boas are among the smallest localities of imperator subspecies. Even females can barely reach 1,7 m (6 ft) in length.
Nicaraguan laws allow to export boas, thus significant amount of snakes arrive mostly to the US each year. This is a relatively cheap locality and is easy to obtain. However, they are not definitely common in European collections.

Saddle patterns- in accordance with imperator subspecies -are tightly placed on the dorsum and avarage 24-28. Usually, on the ventral surface- especially in tail area- an orangish or redish hue is running towards the cloaca.
Specimens in our collection are often in dark phase during the daytime, while they are lighter in the nighttime. However, we are not sure whether this is true to other Nicaraguan boas or not.

Gravid Nicaraguan boa (Boa c. imperator)

It is interesting to watch the movement of these snakes, their quickness and agility remind us colubrids. They have thin, slender bodies that are more typical of arboreal snakes.
These animals are usually very shy creatures, so gentle handling with slow motions are needed by keepers.
Feeding is trouble free, they readily accept rodents in proper size, but keepers have to avoid quick movements during feedings, because threatened animals tend to regurge the half-swallowed prey or will not be eating at all until they are disturbed.
Smallest gravid female in captivity was measured at 1,1 m in length and 1,5 kg weight.

One of the neonates, still before breaking the sac.

We reccomend Nicaraguan boas- due to their shy temper- rather for experienced snake keepers, and beginners who could accept that their pets will have a relatively unpredictable temper in first few months of their life.

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