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    Ecuadorian boa (Boa c. imperator)

    Ecuadorian Boa c. imperator are the southernmost members of this subspecies. They have became common in European collections as they are easy to keep and breed. However, this locality is unknown in the US.

    Ecuadorian boas (Boa c. imperator) are calm, docile animals.

    To the best of our knowledge, the only bloodline available is Klaus Bonny's in Europe. Boas from this line are very calm, docile animals, free of health issues.

    This line is very different from any other Boa c. imperator in terms of morphology. Their primary colors are olive brown, shape of saddles is very specific, unike any other locality. Ventral has more orange hue towards the tip of the tail. No special circumstances needed for successful keeping.

    Other boa keepers mention 2 m (6,5 ft) long Ecuadorian boas, however our animals barely reach 1,4 m (4,5+ ft). Due to their cheap price and calm temper, we recommend them for beginners.

    1,25m (4 ft) long female at age of 4 years.

    As we mentioned, Ecuador is the southernmost margin of distribution area of subspecies imperator. Although we have no exact information, we assume that Boa c. imperator has a southern limit of distribution in Manabi Province, while Boa c. longicauda is native to the costal region in Southwest Ecuador. With no natural barriers, there may exist transitional forms between these two subspecies.

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