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Boa c. imperator

(Daudin, 1803)

Distribution area: From Southern Mexico, throughout Central America, to northern part of South America. Imperator boas are also native to lot of Central American islands.

Distribution countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela.

Boa c. imperator are much smaller and less heavier bodied snakes than the nominative form, Boa c. constrictor. They can barely reach 2m (6,5 ft) in length (with an exception of Colombian boas). Some populations are even smaller, around 1,5m (5 ft).
Number of dorsal blotches are higher compared to constrictor subspecies, they are between 22 and 30.

The Venezuelan imperator and constrictor populations have no natural barriers, so there can certainly exist transitional forms in Venezuela.

Subadult Honduran boa (Boa c. imperator, mainland form)

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