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What you need to know about our animals available!2017-01-01

All the animals that we put up for sale are in excellent health condition. They are free of illnesses, external and internal parasites, injuries, otherwise they would not be available. The new owner will always be informed regarding the care of the animals.

We offer only capive born animals to avoid typical problems involved with wild caught/imported snakes.

The new owner will be provided with unique, individual breeder certificates, which verifies that the animals come from our registered stock.

Most snakes are overfed in captivity. It is a proven fact that health issues and death of reptiles are strongly connected with improper feedings in captivity, therefore we pay much attention to prevent overfeeding in our collection. Thus, snakes develop at a slower rate in our collection as opposed to snakes in most other collections, where the goal is to achieve adult size as soon as possible. However, "moderate fed" snakes will probably have much longer lifespan and will be more successful breeders, unlike overfed ones. Our goal is to feed the boas with a regimen much like they do in the wild.

Animals can be bought on "first come, first choose" basis. However, it is possible to reserve an animal for 7 days without any obligation. For longer reservations, the customer needs to pay 25% of the purchase price as a deposit. The animals will stay reserved until a date that both parties has agreed with. As long as the buyer stands off from buying or exceeds the date that both parties has agreed earlier, the deposit is NOT refundable.

Our collection is a closed animal stock. As being such, the number of newly acquired animals is limited and all these specimens must go through strict and long quarantine procedures. All available snakes are our own offsprings (with rare exceptions), therefore we know their past precisely as we keep notes on every individual on daily basis.

We are not resellers, meaning we do NOT purchase snakes to resell them later.

We have 20+ years of experience in keeping boas and pythons. As practicing veterinary, we also deal with reptile diseases and health care in a praxis. As such, we can confidently say that we are having a constant veterinary supervise over the health of our animals.

These written above ensure the great health condition of our all-time stock, as they also guarantee top-notch, flawless animals for our customers.

We are located in Hungary, Europe. However, we can ship our animals to Hamm (Germany) and to the UK, as well.

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