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CB 2016 Tumbes longtail boas2018-05-16

(Boa c. longicauda)

We still have some Tumbes boas (Boa c. longicauda) for sale from our 2016 litter. They have passed 1 year of age, are excellent feeders, developing nicely, easy to handle. Their look has also changed a lot, therefore we took some recent pictures.

As we are in short supply of males, no single males are available.

You can learn more on this subspecies at Boa c. longicauda page. 

New owners- as always -will be supplied with individual certificates that confirms the origin of the specimen.

Dam and sire:

Adult Tumbes boas (Boa c. longicauda)


Reserved: M. Kolos



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CB 2016 Tumbes longtail boas

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