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2.1 Peruvian redtail boas /Reserved/2019-01-27

(Boa c. constrictor), Iquitos locality

We have decided to sell our group of Peruvian redtail boas (Boa c. constrictor).

Male "A": Farmbred 2004, imported by ZooZankl, under my our care since 2006,
Male "C": Czech Captive bred 2007, under our care since 2014,
Female "B": Farmbred 2003, imported by Hermann Stoeckl, under our care since 2006.

There had been some promising breeding trials over the years, but never succeeded.

Male "A" /Reserved/

Male "C" /Reserved/

Female "B" /RESERVED/

Courting boas from Iquitos (Boa c. constrictor)

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