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2.1 Peruvian redtail boas2019-01-27

(Boa c. constrictor), Iquitos locality

We have decided to sell our group of Peruvian redtail boas (Boa c. constrictor).

Male "A": Farmbred 2004, imported by ZooZankl, under my our care since 2006,
Male "C": Czech Captive bred 2007, under our care since 2014,
Female "B": Farmbred 2003, imported by Hermann Stoeckl, under our care since 2006.

There had been some promising breeding trials over the years, but never succeeded.

Male "A"

Male "C"

Female "B"

Courting boas from Iquitos (Boa c. constrictor)

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2.1 Peruvian redtail boas

(Boa c. constrictor), Iquitos localitydetails..

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