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Same species, different localities (photos)2012-02-07

Boa constrictors are well-known for showing a great diversity, which can be the reason why they have been so popular among snake keepers for decades.

In addition, they are diverse not just in terms of look, but in size, morphology, habitat and even etology, as well.

Here we wanted to share some head-shots of different localities. These few photos do not represent the whole diversity for sure, however differencies between each localities are cleary noticeable.

South Brazilian boa (Boa c. amarali)

Ecuadorian redtail boa (Boa c. constrictor)

Tumbes boa (Boa c. longicauda)

Pearl Island boa (Boa c. sabogae)

Argentine boa (Boa c. occidentalis)

Honduran boa (Boa c. imperator)

Botond Ádám

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1.1 CB 2009 Pearl Island boas

(Boa c. sabogae)details..