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The way I saw it (photographing Argentine boas)2013-04-28

Hereinafter, I wanted to share some of my experiences that could be useful for others, who like to photograph their pets.

Photographing boas outdoors is more often challenging than not. There are only a few seconds to set the camera, compose, frame just before snakes start to escape. Aside from that, it is important for me to get a trustworthily picture, namely a picture whereon others can see just what I did.

In case of Argentine boas (Boa c. occidentalis) I had difficulties when I wanted to reproduce the true colors in the past years. These boas have very unqiue appearance with lot of dark and white dots in their patterns that tend to fake the cameras sensor which results overexposed or underexposed pictures. Due to differences in contrast, autofocus point often miss: the shot will be out of focus.

The solution was to shoot in RAW format and use external flash. The latter brings out the white spots, while fill the shades with some light. Working with RAW files was a break-through, as I could adjust color temperature, black and whites, contrast, etc. Proccessing RAW files gave much more alternatives than Jpeg.

These pictures were shot under natural indirect (!) light in the afternoon.

Adult female Argentine boa (Boa c. occidentalis, darker form)

Botond Ádám

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