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Now and then- III. part -Suriname redtail boas2013-07-13

In the latest article, we are discussing the coloration of ever popular Suriname redtail boas...

Suriname redtail boas (Boa c. constrictor) are rightfully one of the most popular boid snakes due to their attractive colors. However, neonates are much less colorful, it is rather the tail region which draws attention only. They will reach the peak of their colors between age 3-5 years, when they become light, cream colored with a pinkish hue sideways. Tail will be cherry red or flaming red. Usually, older specimens will turn into somewhat darker with less colors. There are specimens known to change their uniform to overall black.
The specimens shown below are Surinames few minutes afer being born and then at age 3.

Few minutes old Suriname, then 3 years later.

Suriname breaking through the embronic sac, then at age 3.

You can learn more about Suriname redtail boa by clicking here.

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