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Tumbes boa birth!2013-08-23

After a longer awaiting time than we expected, but with great success, our Tumbes boa babies have arrived...

Our female Tumbes boa (Boa c. longicauda) started to give birth on August 22th, 2013, after 109 days of gravidity. She started to drop her babies at 20:30 in the evening. In the last 3 days she defecated waxy stools every day, which indicated the birth is not far away. She also made a hole in the peat for the babies prior to birth, however she finally chose another place to drop.

The birth itself took only 30 minutes, while she delivered 24 healthy babies. Most of them broke the amnion sac immediately, but they all did it successfully in 25 mins. The mother also delivered one slug. After giving birth, she backed off to one of the corners in the enclosure and she tolerated her offspring being removed. All the babies turned out to be healthy, they were very active already just after the birth, unlike most newborns.
Currently, they still look homogenic, only their head-spear pattern draws attention. However, they will probably start developing some colors after the first shed.

We hope that this litter- which is the very first of this subspecies in Hungary –will help for Tumbes boas to become more common in captivity.

Botond Ádám

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