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Planned breedings for 20142013-10-23

As the breeding season is coming up, we received some inquiries about our planned breedings in the near future.
We are planning to breed localities described below in 2013-2014 season...

Ecuadorian redtail boas (Boa c. constrictor), South Brazilian boas (Boa c. amarali), Argentine boas (Boa c. occidentalis), Ecuadorian boas (Boa c. imperator), Peruvian redtail boas (Boa c. constrictor).

Certainly, not all of them are going to be accomplished, which is not our goal anyway, as it is difficult to find a new home for that many baby boas. We have not bred any of these forms mentioned, therefore if we could achieve 2-3 litters, we would consider it as a great success.

Our planned breedings are as follows:

1. Ecuadorian redtail boa (Boa c. constrictor)

Our CB 2007, F1 generation Ecuadorian redtail boas represent the one and only bloodline known from this locality. They come from Lago Agrio, Northeast Ecuador. We saw some spontaneous copulations without fertilization last year, therefore they still are the biggest challange of the future for us. They are tough to breed, nonetheless they are one of the nicest and rarest localities. They are our priority project for the next year.

2. South Brazilian boa (Boa c. amarali)

These boas are known as "Bolivian boas" in the US. We acquired our couple in 2005. They were bred by Barry Miller himself (a major Boa c. amarali breeder in the US). Representing Joe Terry's original bloodline, they are typically thick bodied, silverback Boa c. amarali. We can't wait to see the outcome.

3. Argentine boa (Boa c. occidentalis)

We have been anxious to breed pure Argentine boas with legal documentation for a long time, as we saw only crossbred boas bred by others in the Hungarian market in the recent years. To accomplish that, we have a German bred female (2007) and a Dutch (2007) male at our disposal, which both have certainly become mature by now.

4. Ecuadorian boa (Boa c. imperator)

Our Ecuadorian boas (Boa c. imperator) were born in an Austrian collection in 2005. They are from Klaus Bonny's bloodline. Despite their small size, unique appearance, easy handling, they have not become common in captive collections. They are easy to care, relatively cheap priced, therefore we strongly recommend them for beginners and boa keepers with limited space.

5. Peruvian redtail boa (Boa c. constrictor)

Our female Peruvian redtail boa were imported in 2003, the male in 2004, both from Iquitos. They are typical "Iquitos looking" boas with goldenyellow tones, orange-like colored tails. They have certainly reached their maturity by now, thus we will make some efforts to breed this locality, as well.

Botond Ádám

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