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Happy Holidays!2013-12-19

Another year has passed, a very eventful one...

2013 has been stirring, especially in reptile keeping and especially in Boa constrictor regard.

In february Boa constrictor was removed from dangerous species list, making Hungarian boa keepers’ everydays much easier (Boa constrictor had been a dangerous species according to a local Hungarian regulation, which demanded requirements nearly impossible-to-fit for most boa keepers). We ourselfs participated in progress of Hungarian and nationwide reptile culture by numerous articles and breeding a subspecies, Boa c. longicauda that had not been bred before in Hungary. We also attended several local and foreign reptile shows this year, where we noticed that not just boas, but other giant snakes, columbrids, gekkos, chameleons, iguanas are reaching more and more people these days. We hope this progess will remain in the future. Last, but not least we had made a long-awaited English version of our website to be able to reach Boa constrictor enthustiasts around the world.

We wish all our readers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Boa c. longicauda female and her first ever litter in Hungary

Botond Ádám

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