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Gus Rentfro retires!2014-01-01

I have to start 2014 with an unhappy report: Gus Rentfro- one of the most significant Boa locality breeders -retires...

Gus Rentfro's name (Rio Bravo Reptiles, Texas, USA) must sound familiar to most Boa locality enthusiasts. Those who don't know him, his workmanship deserves to read this article at least. Therefore, I dedicate the next few sentances for August Rentfro.

Gus Rentfro had been a wordwide acknowledged breeder of Boa constrictor localities for decades. He bred several localities as first in the US. His animals were always top-notch and they got to thousands of boa keepers not just in the US, but in Europe, as well. His knowledge and understanding in keeping and breeding Boa constrictors was so remarkable, he could breed even the toughest forms with great success.

He claimed a temporary shut-down of operation in his newletter in September, 2013. As the time went by, it became clear: he quits from boa keeping for good. He mentioned "personal reasons" in his letter. Several rumors appeared on the web about the true reason of his retiring, but I don't want to comment that, nor I have the right to do so. One thing is sure however: the Boa community had suffered a great loss by his retiring.

Accoring to his words, his animals are "in good hands". His captive bred boas reached plenty of boa fans in both America and Europe, thus those animals will represent the same unique value that Gus had been given to Boa community throughout many years.

Hereby, I would like to render thanks for his professional calling, approach, helpfulness, which can be iconic for every reptile fans. Thank you Gus, we hope you will be back one day!

Gus Rentfro with a Pucallpa Peru redtail (Boa c. constrictor)

Botond Ádám

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