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Something to be excited about2014-01-30

Recent breeding season has been quite eventless in our collection so far. However, today we have confirmed an ovulation in one of our Argentine boas (Boa c. occidentalis)...

Our Argentine boas didn't show much interest to each other, what is more, they looked rather unsympathetic. We haven't seen any copulation, nor courtship recently, therefore we were surprised to notice a subtle ovulation yesterday. Today this female refused to feed for the first time in 7 years, which confirms the ovulation.

As one may know, Argentine boa is the only subspecies of Boa constrictor that is threatened directly by extinction and therefore is CITES "A" listed. To the best of our knowledge, pure Boa c. occidentalis have not been bred in Hungary so far, other keepers have produced several crossbred Argentines, though.

Subtle Argentine boa (Boa c. occidentalis) ovulation

Botond Ádám

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