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End of crossbred boa era?2014-04-15

In Hungary...not yet. But it is only a matter of time when will happen what has already taken place overseas and in Western Europe...

As cheaper purebred boas-, mostly Boa c. imperator localities -had become more and more common, their prices decreased and made crossbred boas unwanted in Western herp keeper countries.

Obviously, prices of captive reptiles constantly decrese as they are becoming more common. For crossbred boas, such a price drop had taken place that made them finally unsaleable in modern herp keeping societies several years ago. What is more, they have become impossible to give away, either. No wonder, those crossbred boas have disappeared from those foreign herp markets, as nobody was interested in keeping and breeding animals that can produce literally unsaleable offsprings.

One does not have to go far from Hungary to face that. Last year, I went into a pet shop in Vienna just out of curiosity. I noticed there that all those animals in Vienna could also be found at a regular Hungarian reptile show. As regards boas, they had a few cheaper morphs and some locality-specific boas. However, that store did not have any crossbreds in Vienna, as they had become unwanted there, too.

Consequently, purebred Boa constrictors have ultimately taken the place of former crossbred boas on the US and Western European markets. This will also happen in Hungary for sure and even earlier than one would expect.

Nowadays, purebred localities of Boa c. imperator are available for dirt-cheap even at Hungarian reptile shows. Statements that I have heard from others many times before like "only rich hobbyists can afford purebred boas, others have to settle for crossbreds" are not true anymore. These days anyone who would make some efforts to gather information on Boa constrictors, can find purebred boas from a lower price range to a higher depending on the locality, subspecies, etc.

I would go as far as, the only reason that crossbred boa are still saleable in Hungary is probably because of the insufficient number of purebreds to cover the needs of beginner snake keepers.
It is more than likely, if Hungarian reptile fans would have the same repertoire of purebred boas to choose from like they do in the US for instance, considering that some of these locality boas cost practically the same like a crossbred, nobody would be interested in buying crossbreds anymore.

Ironically, true pristine Boa constrictors are seemingly taking their place back in reptile hobby, after decades of being passed away in Hungary.  
Crossbred boas are still widely available on Hungarian market these days. But it is only a question of time, for how long.

Crossbred boas (like one in this picture) will probably disappear from the Hungarian reptile market, as they did in the US and Western-Europe.

Botond Ádám

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