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Terraristika Hamm2014-08-23

It has been confirmed that we are going to have a table at Terraristika Reptile Expo in Hamm this September...

If you are interested in our available animals or would just share your thoughts on boas with us, it is a great opportunity to do that in person in Hamm at Terraristika show (Zentralhallen Hamm, Ökonomierat-Peitzmeier-Platz 2, 59063 Hamm) on September 13th, 2014.

Locality-specific Boa constrictors we are going to have for sale in Hamm:
1.1 CB 2013 Tumbes boas (Boa c. longicauda)
CB 2014 Suriname redtail boas (Boa c. constrictor)
1.1 CB 2005 South Brazilian boas (Boa c. amarali)

We will be located at "KR" code (see the map).
Looking forward to meet you in Hamm.

Adam Botond

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1.1 CB 2009 Pearl Island boas

(Boa c. sabogae)details..