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170 million years old snake fossils have been found2015-01-28

Latest discoveries have revealed that first snake species tuned up on Earth 170 million years go, 70 prior to former assumptions...

Experts have described 4 newly discovered snake species, that are 100-170 million years old and come from Great Britain, Portugal and The United States of America. As regards size, all fossils were below 1 meter (3 ft).

Those findings have revealed the presence of vestigial, but cleary visible limbs on all four species that ultimately disappered during the later stages of evolution. Structures of skulls showed a strong resemblence to snakes living in our days, which suggests that the characteristic skull had evolved prior to elongation of the whole body. That four species certainly did not feature poison-gland, nor fangs, those evolved later. 

Boa constrictors (like this Boa c. longicauda in this picture) are considered as a descendant of former ancient snakes

Michael Caldwell, Sebastian Apestequí, Randall L. Nydam, Alessandro Palci:
The oldest known snakes from the Middle Jurassic-Lower Creataceous provide insights on snake evolution

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