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News of breeding season (2014-2015)2015-03-21

As the 2014/2015 breeding season comes to an end, a few specimens has started courting in our collection...

To be all honest, this breeding season has not been a particularly good one for us so far. Despite the proper stimulations, we have noticed only minimal interest in various subspecies during the winter. Interestingly, despite the lack of interest, appetite of most males and some females had decreased or gone completely lately. Males have been acting quite itchy, however. They have seemingly not been attracted to females, though.

We noticed minimal interest in one of our Iquitos Peruvian redail boa (Boa c. constrictor) couple, however we have not seen a single copulation.

Courting boas from Iquitos (Boa c. constrictor)

Our Argentine boas (Boa c. occidentalis) have not shown any signs of courtship, however we have noticed a subtle mid-body swelling in the female that had also refused to feed at that time, which is unusual. Unfortunately, this is not enough to draw conclusions, as we witnessed the same phenomenon last year without a single baby produced.

In mid March, we were surprised to see our male Sao Paulo boa (Boa c. amarali) starting an unexptected, but serious courtship. Interestingly, in a morning he started to court without showing any interest before, which is surprising considering they are almost 10 years old by now. This pair looks the most promising of all so far.

Courting boas from Sao Paulo (Boa c. amarali)

Lately, though we did not expect our CB 2009 Pearl Island boa (Boa c. sabogae) to court, we have seen an obvious copulation. That copulatuon also took place without any courtship, whatsoever had been witnessed before.

Copulating Pearl Island boas (Boa c. sabogae)

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