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Boa c. longicauda ovulates!2016-03-13

For the first time since 2013, our Tumbes boa (Boa c. longicauda) female is apparently showing signs of ovulation once again...

Copulations of our Tumbes boas that took place in January and February, 2016 seemingly has not been without success. These days our female is clearly showing signs of ovulation; her mid-body is just as swollen as she would have been fed.  

Tumbes boa (Boa c. longicauda) ovulating

Notice the mid-body swelling and the scale separation

One of the copulations in February

We are hoping to see some offsprings late summer much like we did 3 years ago. 

Boa c. longicauda giving birth to produce the first ever babies of this locality in Hungary in 2013:

Dr. Botond Ádám

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