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Saboga boa litter!2009-07-14

After a not so successful Nicaraguan boa litter earlier this year, our Pearl Island boas (Boa c. sabogae) have finally been born. This time the ratio was much better: 7 live and only one infertilized ova (slug).

Our Saboga boa (Boa c. sabogae) female gave birth in the dawn on July 14th. The gravidity was 90 days from Post Ovulation Shed. The 7 live ones were in great condition, they were already very active when we noticed their presence. One of them have not absorbed the yolk perfectly, but it is going to be viable nonetheless. The mother dropped them into a corner of the enclosure, hidden beneath the peat substrate. Her general condition was quite good after giving birth.

It is an important day for ourself as well, as we have become the third breeders after Hermann Stoeckl and Klaus Bonny in Europe to reproduce the sabogae subspecies captive, which is threatened by extinction in the wild. Moreover, our parent animals unrelated WC (with legal CITES paperwork), making their offspring F1 that are certainly unrelated to other Boa c. sabogae kept in captivity these days.

Botond Ádám

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