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Nicaraguan boas (Boa c. imperator) have been born!2010-05-11

Our Nicaraguan boa babies have been born this morning just before sunrise...

On May 11th, 2010 our Nicaraguan boa (Boa c. imperator) female- which wasn't able to produce healthy litter last year -gave birth to 9 youngs. The litter contained one more slug, as well.

The birth took place between 3 and 6 o'clock in the morning and probably proceeded very fast. The mother had made a nest-like hole in the peat, then dropped her babies there. After she was done, she withdrew to one of the corners in the enclosure. Interestingly, as I opened the enclosure to take the first photos, she came in between me and her babies to protect them. At the same time, she was tipping her babies by her nose. After removing her from the enclosure, I could examine the neonates closely.

One of the neonates, still before breaking the sac.

Botond Ádám

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