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Lemke boas have been born2011-07-03

Lemke boa babies have been born on July 3rd after a long awaiting, which makes them our first offspring of the year.

Our almost 6 years old female dropped her babies between 12:00 and 13:00 o'clock. It was a small litter containing 4 lives and 2 slugs. The 4 living babies are in good condition, they will certainly be viable. Cause of slugs was probably the limited number of copulation during the breeding season.

The female took a typical position just before giving birth, rhythmical contractions were clearly visible on her body. First, she pushed out 2 slugs, then gave birth to 4 youngs. Gravidity was 113 days long from post ovulation shed, meanwhile she accepted food every time we offered. Therefore, her condition is relatively good even after birth.

She will be offered moderate food next week for the first time. Her offsprings will probably go in shed in 7-10 days, they will be fed after that.

Notice the contractions in the posterior third of body

Birth of second live young

Lemke boa just after birth

One of the neonates, still inside to amnion sac

Botond Ádám

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